Learning about Affiliate Marketing can be like climbing a mountain. Once achieved you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Our 10 Day Affiliate Marketing Business Challenge


Our 10 Day Affiliate Marketing Business Challenge is to educate NEWBIES to affiliate marketing. Our 10 day challenge is to teach you all about affiliate marketing but at the same time to prepare you and your mindset to starting an affiliate marketing business. We hone in on your Goals and what you needing to achieve in the Short, Medium and Long term. Once we get you to understand its like any business. You need to get the education needed and then invest your time and money into growing the business. And Social Affiliates Network becomes your family for the helping hand needed  to assist you on your journey. The most rewarding part is that you will be starting Your Own Business. And you don’t need a degree or even be tech savy to run this business model. All you need is the GOAL to succeed!

Social Affiliates Network 

(Silver Membership) 

In our Silver membership we have put together a series of training that focuses on sales and marketing specifically. As this is the core skills needed when starting any NEW business. You have to be able to offer clients high end customer service and understand how you needing to grow your business. Our silver package is geared for any person wanting to kick start and grow. You will also get a business coach assigned to you to assist you with starting your online business. Even though you don’t even have to talk to a client to make money via affiliate marketing. Its critical to know the sales cycle and how you can really grow your own skills. Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business is a Journey. Over time your skills set increases and you can offer more services.

Social Affiliates Network 

(Gold Membership) 

This package includes everything in Silver. You will also learn to grow your own Digital Marketing business. We have put together a Digital Marketing Course and more advanced Affiliate Marketing training to teach you how to market your business and make money quicker. As we own a Digital Marketing Agency and a Training Company we are able to setup and teach you how to grow and manage your Digital Marketing Agency. We will also make sure you are fully trained to be able to edit your websites and do all that’s needed. Our team is there to assist you every step of the way. We will setup your own Digital Marketing Agency Business. This Package has a lot to offer. You can cover your investment back with as little as 10 sales.

Social Affiliate Marketing 

(VIP Platinum Package) 

This is our VIP Membership Package.  You will receive everything of Silver, Gold and business coaching. Our VIP package is catered for individuals, marketing agencies, website owners and anyone wanting to make money in the Digital & affiliate marketing space. We would take you on this journey with inside information for you to successfully grow your online business.  We will setup & create 3 Business Models that will earn you income. You will also be given leads for 14 days to land sales easily (T&C’s Apply). Hot leads will speed track your earnings. You will also have access to our national database of business owners. You will manage your own Digital Marketing Agency and learn how to create retainer income. Once you have mastered these skills you can then start earning 100% of income for your services . As a VIP member your earning potential is substantial. You can cover your investment back with only 10 sales.

Events and Masterminds

Get invited to our events and masterminds by simply reaching targets. We will cover your bill fully. Events and masterminds will always be to network and learn secrets in the Online Marketing Industry. We aim to become the leaders in the Affiliate Marketing industry. We have setup our own Market Place where affiliates can choose which products they wanting to market. You can also upload your own products and get 1000’s of Affiliates Marketing your products.

Our state of the Art Tracking and Learning Management system gives us a huge advantage to our competitors. 

Our Goal is to see you succeed!